Man slashed in leg on A train in Brooklyn: Police

 A subway rider was slashed while riding the A train in Brooklyn early Thursday morning.

Authorities say the 37-year-old victim was wounded in the leg at around 2 a.m.

Officers were able to help the victim at the Shepherd Avenue station. One fast-thinking officer jumped into action, applying a tourniquet to slow down the victim’s bleeding.

The victim is critical but stable at Brookdale University Hospital.

“That is horrible. That is awful. I pray that his family will be comforted during this time. That is crazy,” a civilian said.

Officials say the suspect fled the train at the Van Sichlen station. The NYPD is searching for two suspects who are teenagers or in their 20s, authorities said.

Unfortunately for some, the news of violence on the subway isn’t a shock.

“Lately no. I’ve been hearing about people being attacked on the subway,” a civilian said.

Due to the frequent violent crimes, some public transportation users say they always to keep to themselves and are constantly vigilant.

“If there is something going on, people are hesitant to intervene or say something to prevent them from getting attacked,” a civilian said.

Authorities continue to investigate this crime.

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