Major delays around Lincoln Tunnel as crews remove crane from July collapse

There were major delays around the Lincoln Tunnel Tuesday morning as crews work to remove what is left of a crane that collapsed in July.

Department of Building officials have been on the scene of the collapse on 10th Avenue since Monday and are working to remove the fire-damaged crane.

Authorities say that over the next few days, contractors will be carefully removing counterweights and the A frame of the crane.

The contractors removing the crane have closed two lanes of 41st Street between Dyer and 10th avenues.

Port Authority says delays at Lincoln Tunnel began during the middle of the morning commute, when traffic started backing up while exiting the tunnel northbound onto Dyer Avenue.

They believe that was due to the partial closure of west 41st Street for the cleanup.

In response, Port Authority closed the northbound exiting lanes of the tunnel at around 7:55 a.m., diverting all incoming tunnel traffic to the southbound lanes until 9:50 a.m.

With inbound traffic fully diverted south due to the closure, the exclusive bus lane was extended an additional 15 minutes.

While work continues Tuesday, the lane closures are not nearly as significant for the afternoon commute as there are multiple ways to enter the outbound Lincoln Tunnel.

Drivers can easily bypass West 41st Street by traveling southbound on 11th Avenue, for example, or by turning off 9th Avenue further south.

It remains unclear exactly how many days the work will be underway.

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