JFK Airport’s Terminal 1 remains closed Friday after power disruption impacted flights

A power disruption at JFK Airport impacted travelers on Thursday, with some flights being turned around and diverted to their points of origin, and the problem continued Friday.

The airport said that Terminal 1 will remain closed on Friday due to electrical issues as the Port Authority continues to work towards restoring flight operations.

The disturbance at Terminal 1 caused airport officials to shift some flights to arrive and depart from different terminals as many passengers found themselves stranded. Many of the international flights that can still arrive will do so at Terminal 4.

According to Flight Aware, there are a total of 129 flights delayed and 25 canceled.

In fact, the updates on the flight boards were written by hand because the electronic boards were not working.

The Port Authority said the power outage was caused by an electrical panel failure which also caused a small isolated fire overnight.

The power outage is currently impacting the terminal’s ability to accept inbound and outbound flights. Planes that were already en route to JFK when the outage happened were diverted to airports like Newark and Boston.

Portions of Terminal 1, which serves several international carriers including Air France, Korean Air and Lufthansa, are operating on a generator.

The TSA said it is eager for power to be restored to resume normal checkpoint operations. They currently have two of eight checkpoint lanes that are in use.

The Port Authority and its terminal operators are working together to accommodate impacted flights using other terminals.

Travelers are urged to check with their specific carriers for further details.

The lucky ones boarded buses to Newark Liberty International Airport Thursday night, where they hoped to catch replacement flights, but most people just had to figure it out, with no idea how long it will take for things to get back to normal.

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