Hundreds celebrate their love by renewing vows in public in Times Square

Scores of married couples celebrated their commitment Tuesday night in Times Square for a public renewing of their vows.

Cupid was busy on Valentine’s night as more than 100 couples took to the Crossroads of the World to renew their vows.

It was an enchanted evening.

For Jim and Linda Joseph, every morning is a recommitment.

“I’ll put her wedding ring on for her and say let me marry you again as I put her ring on,” Jim Joseph said. “It’s a thing we do.”

“It’s just pure love and honesty. Communication,” Linda Joseph said.

Edward and Phoebe Lewit have been married 62 years.

“The secret is listening very well,” said Phoebe Lewit, who has been married for 62 years. “I listen with my ears and with my heart.”

“I love this lady,” Edward Lewit said. “We didn’t get to where we are without being friends. She’s my best friend.”

Eyewitness News reporter Lucy Yang said she likes romance too, even while on a story.

She said her husband reminds her that they are going on 30 years.

Theresa and John Graci are also rocking three decades of laughing together.

“We just work together. Have fun,” Theresa Graci said. “60/40. Him 40. Me 60.”

John Graci said his wife gets the last word.

From Times Square, their honeymoon trip will include the Port Authority and maybe some donuts on the way home to New Jersey.

These newlyweds don’t need all the fancy trappings to make their marriages stand the test of time.

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