Grand jury will not convene in Trump investigation this week

The grand jury hearing evidence of former President Trump’s role in accounting for hush money paid to porn actress Stormy Daniels will not meet about the case for the remainder of the week, sources familiar with the matter told reporters.

The grand jury is convening Thursday but to consider a different case, the sources say, confirming a schedule first reported by Business Insider.

The grand jury is expected to convene Monday to again consider the Trump case, at which time at least one additional witness may be called to testify, the sources said.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office declined to comment on secret grand jury matters.

It is not uncommon for grand juries to sit in consideration of multiple cases at once.

Sources say at least one more witness may be called to testify before the panel of 23 men and women decide whether to recommend an indictment.

The investigation centers on whether Trump’s hush money payment to Daniels broke campaign-spending laws.

The last witness to testify was Robert Costello — a Trump associate who sought to discredit the prosecution’s star witness, former Trump fixer, Michael Cohen. That was on Monday.

Since then, the former president has remained in his Palm Beach estate, speculating on when or if he will be arrested and accusing District Attorney Alvin Bragg of waging a politically motivated investigation.

One former insider says the most likely scenario is that prosecutors are coordinating with Trump’s legal team on a potential surrender date before asking the grand jurors to vote.

“They don’t want a lot of daylight between a potential indictment and a surrender date,” said former assistant Manhattan DA Karen Friedman Agnifilo. “Coordinate with law enforcement-how they can keep him safe-and then I would wait till the very last possible minute to seek an indictment before that date.”

She said she thinks it’s unlikely but a possibility that they are trying to decide whether to still actually bring the case.

Meanwhile, Republican congressional leaders sent a letter to the DA demanding that Bragg brief them on the investigation. Legal counsel to the DA has responded, calling it “…an unprecedented inquiry into a pending local prosecution. The letter only came after Donald Trump created a false expectation that he would be arrested the next day and his lawyers reportedly urged you to intervene. Neither fact is a legitimate basis for congressional inquiry.”

Meantime in the classified documents investigation, Trump’s defense attorney will appear before a grand jury Friday.

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