Good Samaritan who saved subway passenger now in need of kidney transplant

A good Samaritan who helped a stranger in the subways a few years ago is now in need of help himself as he battles a failing kidney.

Juan Peters needs an “angel” to step in and save his life. At one point, Peters was that “angel” who came to the aid of a woman who had been slashed in the face in the subway.

“I would do it again in a heartbeat. Maybe I won’t have the same power but I would have the same motivation. People need to help each other,” Peters said.

For Peters, this is a full circle moment. In 2017, while onboard a No. 5 train pulling into the station, a woman began stabbing Anna Martinez.

Peters pulled the deranged attacker off. Martinez was severely injured.

At the time, reporters connected the pair.

“I want to just say thank you so much for being there, cause he doesn’t know me, but he was there,” Martinez said.

Now the tables have turned.

“I lost my right kidney, it has no function whatsoever, my left kidney is under 12%,” Peters said.

Peters needs a new one, but no one in his inner circle is a match.

Top of mind for this Bronx father is his six kids.

“They need their daddy, I’ve got a lot to offer them and I’ve still got a couple of years left in me,” Peters said.

Peters told reporters that if and when he gets a new kidney, he plans to go into the ministry, as a way to yet again, pay it forward and help others.

“I still try to keep my joy in the middle of this chaos, I still try to find a peace that is unheard of, it’s not easy,” Peters said.

Peters hopes someone comes forward before it’s too late.

“We need to stand for one another and this will be a better place,” Peters said.

If you would like to help Peters – you can contact the Center for Living Organ Donors | Yale New Haven Transplantation Center at 866-925-3897 or online at

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