FDNY could charge around $1.4K for ambulance rides with new price hike proposal

The FDNY is proposing to raise the price of an ambulance ride by over 50 percent.

The cost of a ride, that is called through 911, would go up from $900 to nearly $1,400.

There would also be an increase in charges per mile to the hospital from $15 to $20.

The department says the hike is needed because of inflation, as well as a pay bump for EMS workers. It handles about 70 percent of the city’s hospital transports.

Costs for advanced life support emergency transports, which require more highly-trained paramedics, could see similar increases.

The last price increase was in 2021, when the price for an ambulance ride ticked up 16% from $775 to $900.

Final decisions about this proposal will be made in late March. If the ambulance price hike is approved, the change would go into effect in the spring.

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