Family suing City of Mount Vernon, school district after cheerleader’s stabbing that killed friend

The family of a cheerleader who survived a stabbing in Mount Vernon will be filing a lawsuit against the city and school district.

Another teenager, 16-year-old Kayla Green, did not survive the stabbing in that same attack.

They were stabbed by a former classmate in April of 2022.

Mainece Simpson was injured in the attack and her family says the school officials did not do enough to prevent the violence.

The family claims through their attorney that the school district, the local police, and the cheerleading coach knew of the danger that Mainece was in, but failed to intervene on her behalf.

They say the attacks by rival cheerleaders began as early as July 2021, and one incident was reported to the Mount Vernon Police Department and the school district.

According to the family’s attorney: “On April 8, 2022, Mainece and Kayla attended a parade that celebrated the boys’ basketball team’s state championship win and was hosted by the City of Mount Vernon.

“They pulled up next to a McDonald’s restaurant on Prospect Avenue when they saw a 15-year-old former student and a rival cheerleader, with her parents. Kayla called the coach, who told her to stay and wait for her to arrive. Instead of calling the police, the coach engaged with the girl’s parents. A crowd formed and surrounded Mainece and Kayla.

“(Name omitted) produced a knife and opened the car door. She stabbed Mainece and Kayla. Mainece was dragged out of the vehicle, beaten by the crowd and repeatedly stabbed by (Name omitted). Mainece was hospitalized and Kayla died from her wounds.”

The family says that the attacker should have been charged with murder. Instead, she was sentenced to 3-9 years behind bars for first-degree manslaughter.

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