Dozens injured after double-decker tour bus and MTA bus collide in Manhattan

Dozens of people were injured after a double-decker tour bus collided with an MTA bus in Manhattan Thursday night, according to officials.

The FDNY says a Topview NYC double-decker tour bus crashed into an MTA bus on 1st Ave and E. 23rd Street around 7 p.m.

Police say the MTA X38 express bus had the right of way as it traveled through the intersection east on 23rd Street. The tour bus sailed through a red light heading north on 1st Avenue and t-boned the MTA bus.

“This tour bus behind us seems to have run a red light and t-boned our bus, hit it twice, it was going so fast I think,” MTA Transit President Richard Davey said.

Both of the buses appeared to be fully occupied at the time of the crash. The MTA bus was standing room only at the time of the crash.

Dozens of people were injured, with some victims taken to the hospital and others treated at the scene.

FDNY officials said they expected the number of injuries to fluctuate, but said most of the victims appeared to suffer minor injuries like cuts, bruises and scrapes. None of the victims had life-threatening injuries.

“Any time you have two buses involved you have a significant number of patients that likely need to be treated,” said FDNY Deputy Chief Kevin Murphy.

Firefighters immediately mobilized for this mass casualty incident. In cell phone video, first responders could be seen rescuing passengers from the upper deck of the tour bus.

Some of the passengers on the double-decker bus had to be removed through the window.

EMS guided the injured to be triaged.

The driver of the tour bus will receive a summons, according to sources. There’s no appearance of criminality at this time.

The incident is active and ongoing.

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