Couple married 72 years renews wedding vows this Valentine’s Day on Long Island

A couple married for 72 years shared their secrets for long-lasting love as they renewed their wedding vows this Valentine’s Day.

Ninety-one-year-old Alice and 93-year-old Morty Steinberg held the vow renewal, joined by their family and friends, on Tuesday at their home at Encore Luxury Living in Jericho.

Morty and Alice actually met at a Valentine’s Day party in their Bronx neighborhood in 1948.

A few years later, they married at the Paramount Caterers in Washington Heights on February 4th, 1951.

The couple was meant to be, Morty said. He first saw her when he was just 8 years old and was leaving a Bronx deli.

He said he saw 6-year-old Alice and her mother pushing Alice’s sister in a baby carriage.

They did not speak that day. They lived just a block and a half away from each other.

In fact, Alice says they didn’t speak until she approached Morty, who she describes as very cute at that Valentine’s Day party and engaged him in conversation.

“She was very sweet, she dressed nicely, and she lived close by,” Morty said.

They went on their first date shortly after that party, they took a bus to the movies and the rest is history.

The Steinbergs lived in Whitestone and Little Neck Queens before moving to the Hamlet in Jericho where they lived for 36 years. Morty ran a commercial sign business for 39 years until he retired in 2002. Alice was a kindergarten teacher specializing in music and still plays the piano today.

They moved to Encore Luxury Living in June of 2022. Alice and Morty have one son and two daughters, six grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

So what are the keys to a long-lasting, happy marriage?

Alice said you need to make sure that your spouse is always your best friend.

Morty said their long life together has encompassed many phases and you need to make sure you are growing together not apart during the various challenges that life brings during each phase.

According to Alice, happy couples need to be strong in their individuality, but willing to blend together.

The Steinbergs say they are blessed to still be together pointing out that many of their close friends have passed and many of their surviving friends have lost their spouses.

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