Collapsed parking garage in Lower Manhattan had violations dating back decades

A partially collapsed parking garage that led to the death of one person and several injuries in Lower Manhattan had dozens of parking violations that date back decades.

The parking garage owned by 57 Ann Street Realty Association, based in Great Neck, had 64 violations with the New York City Buildings Department dating back to 1976.

Reporters obtained the original documents for the parking structure, which was first allowed to park cars back in 1957.

It’s not clear yet why the four-story parking garage collapsed into the basement, but four of the violations are still open and unresolved, even though they were issued years ago.

“We’re going to continue to review and research property files to try to understand the history of the building, certificate of occupancy and lots of records,” Department of Buildings Acting Commissioner Kazimir Vilenchik said.

The most egregious of those open violations dates back to November 25, 2003, with a severity level considered “hazardous.”

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