Chinatown building under inspection due to bulging façade; evacuation possible

A building in Chinatown is under inspection and being evacuated Wednesday due to a bulging facade.

The FDNY requested Department of Building inspectors to perform a structural stability inspection at 111 Mott Street.

Inspectors found a section of masonry brick work that partially detached and was in danger of collapsing on the sidewalk.

They also found a fire escape that was damaged with corrosion and had steps that were partially detached, blocking passage for some tenants in the building.

“They’re just like leaning off, like it’s going to be the whole front of the face of the building is all attached together and then it’s all going to collapse with the fire escapes and everything off the side of the building,” resident Rachel Bryant said.

No injuries have been reported so far.

Residents in the building have been told to pack up and leave for at least two to three days.

The Red Cross is assisting with housing for the night.

An investigation is ongoing at the scene.

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