At least 7 injured after car, 2 buses involved in crash in Midwood

At least seven people were injured after a car and two MTA buses were involved in a crash Tuesday afternoon in Brooklyn.

The crash happened just before 3 p.m. near the intersection of Avenue N and McDonald Ave in Midwood.

According to a preliminary investigation, police sources say cops were trying to pull over the vehicle and it ended up crashing into the two buses.

Surveillance video shows the car, which appears to be speeding, ping pong off the two buses.

Even more alarming is a woman seen in the video pushing her baby in a stroller, walking into the crosswalk when the crash happens. Had it not been for the buses acting almost like a shield, that woman and her child would likely have been hit. Instead, just some debris flew in her direction.

The woman was a customer at a nearby deli. A worker describes her panic.

“She was in shock. She couldn’t even talk,” witness Ernesto Galindo said. “She was standing outside. She was shaking with the baby. It was crazy. Everybody was in shock after that happened.”

After the crash, firefighters were called to the scene to remove people trapped in the wreckage.

According to FDNY EMS, seven people were taken to local hospitals.

We’re told the seven victims are the two bus drivers, the driver and a passenger in the car as well as three passengers on the buses.

It’s unclear what the conditions of the victims are. Also unclear is why the driver was being pulled over.

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