Angry motorists forced to wait in tow line after first Jersey City Half Marathon

While runners took to the streets of Jersey City for it’s first ever half marathon, so did tow trucks.

Residents of Jersey City are saying the city failed to properly mark which streets were a part of the course and as a result their cars were towed away on Sunday.

“I was parked on Neptune, right on the side of the store, the Chewey’s. I came to my car this morning and it was gone,” Ariana Serrano said. “It was gone, I couldn’t even get to work. I had to call my boss to come pick me up.”

The city had marked signs of the restricted streets along the running route, but residents are saying they were posted too late and were given little time to move their cars.

Those motorists stood in line for hours at the tow yard on Monday, many of them angry for the hassle and incurring the cost to get their cars back.

“I’ve been here for two hours. I had to pay $213.98 to get my car back,” said Jersey City resident Michael Poreda.

Jersey City responded by saying that they had given fair warning to the residents.

The city worked to support public outreach conducted by the marathon organizers to forewarn car owners about the parking restrictions.

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