Americans are getting annoyed with tipping culture

A new survey by Bankrate has found an interesting trend among consumers when it comes to tipping: two-thirds of Americans view tipping negatively now, according to the survey.

Customers are cutting back on tips across all forms of service including sit-down restaurants, cafes and delivery.

“People are getting annoyed with tipping,” said Senior Industry Analyst Ted Rossman from Bankrate.

Are patrons tired of the higher prices or are they tired of being asked for a tip? The Bankrate survey suggests perhaps both.

“I think the pandemic and inflation made places emboldened to ask for more tips,” said Rossman. “Remember 2020 when the pandemic set in and everybody was over-tipping even for takeout food? That has really reversed.”

A local resident said during the pandemic she, “tipped a lot more, regardless of the service.”

What people don’t appreciate is something called “tip creep” when seemingly every place requests a tip.

“My family went strawberry picking on Saturday and they prompted us for a tip,” said Rossman.

What part of pick-them-yourself strawberries deserves a tip? But some people argue even if you serve yourself, give a small tip, if any.

“Sometimes it doesn’t give you an option. It says 15% or 25%, or 30% and they only waited on you for a minute,” another local resident said.

What surprised Bankrate was that not everyone is tipping at restaurants.

“Only 63% say they always tip at a restaurant, I feel like that should be 100%,” said Rossman.

People point out that servers in a New Jersey restaurant make $5 per hour and they depend on tips, while workers at other places like cafes make at least $15 an hour.

“Workers deserve some tips, too It’s expensive living,” a New Jersey resident said.

Many residents also say they love to give something to say thanks.

“I just think it’s like a nice gesture,” said another resident.

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