3 school buses stolen from parking lot, police searching for suspects caught on camera

Three school buses were stolen from a parking lot in the Bronx early Tuesday morning.

The theft marked the second time a bus was stolen from the lot in the Morris Park section in one week.

Police are now looking for at least three suspects who fled the scene. One of the suspects was caught on camera driving the stolen school bus.

Around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, three or four suspects broke into a locked parking lot at Blondell Avenue and stole three mini school buses.

One of the suspects drove through the lot gate, smashing it open in their getaway attempt.

Police confirm someone stole a bus from the same parking lot Sunday morning, but they have yet to determine if the same thieves are responsible for both heists.

The thieves were caught on surveillance video waiting outside the lot as an ambulance drove past early Tuesday morning. Then, they jumped onto a van and over the lot fence.

Yousef Alramahi runs a business down the street, and he says he saw a similar group of young men near the lot on Sunday morning.

“They are kids. I’d say they are like 18, 17, the maximum, 19,” Alramahi said.

Inside of the lot, police gave the remaining buses a check after the heist. Drivers say they often leave their keys inside of the buses, as they change operators frequently.

The buses are equipped with GPS, so hypothetically, they should be easy to track down.

Fortunately, the bus company has spare buses, so no one missed their ride to school Tuesday morning.

As for why anyone would steal a school bus and what they might want do with it, those questions remain a mystery.

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