2 teens, toddler attacked by pit bulls on Staten Island; 2 people in custody

Three people, including a toddler, were hospitalized after being attacked by pit bulls on Staten Island Tuesday afternoon.

Police say eight dogs jumped from the window of a home at 250 York Avenue in the New Brighton section and bit a 2-year-old girl, a 13-year-old named Jamhni Sancarlos and a 19-year-old woman in their legs.

A relative, who did not want to be on camera, says her 13-year-old sister was innocently coming back from school when she was jumped by the dogs.

The relative told reporters that she witnessed the 19-year-old being mauled.

“I was scared because once I seen them attack the lady, one of them reached for her ankles, grabbed her ankles then dragged her,” Heaven Smith said. “She gets on the floor. Then they all start pounding on the lady and it was over.”

The victims were all taken to Richmond University Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police say the recovered a total of 10 dogs. Six adult dogs were taken to the Animal Care Center in Brooklyn, while four puppies were taken to the Animal Care Center in Staten Island.

A man who lives above the home said there was always barking downstairs.

“They don’t get on my nerves. I get outside, go on car, and go to work,” neighbor Deanglo Garrison said.

Two persons of interest were taken into custody and charges are pending against them.

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