12-year-old college graduate is youngest in California school’s history, receives 5 degrees

A 12-year-old has set a new record at Fullerton College as its youngest graduate.

Clovis Hung said his goal was inspired by a 13-year-old in 2020, who was previously the youngest graduate at the school.

“I also wanted to be the youngest graduate. I didn’t expect to beat him,” Hung said.

Hung took on the title Monday with five associate degrees in tow and a sixth planned for next year.

The school’s Director of Campus Communications, Lisa McPheron, said Hung came to campus as a special-admit student at just 9 years old.

“We’re an open-enrollment institution and students that are K through eight – so before graduating high school – they can actually come to Fullerton College under a special process called special admit,” McPheron said.

Hung said he’s busy, but still makes time to be a kid.

“I play basketball five days a week and sometimes a whole week because I have games. I also play games like Minecraft and Roblox and I also have Civil Air Patrol and Boy Scouting,” Hung said.

His other passions include his pets and travel.

For instance, the history buff was excited to take a break this summer for a trip to the Middle East. He shared a picture of himself in front of a pyramid in Egypt.

He admitted that adjusting to learning in-person on a college campus wasn’t easy. Support from his professors and classmates helped push him through.

“When I had questions, I asked them and if they had questions, they’d ask me. They treated me like a little brother,” Hung said.

As for the future – Hung had his eyes set on careers in aerospace engineering, piloting or pediatrics.

He also shared the person helping him most along this journey.

“I’d say my mom because she’s encouraged me a lot. She’s my little secretary,” Hung said.

His mom, Song Choi, beaming with pride, turned to the words of the late Steve Jobs to help guide her son.

“Stay hungry, stay foolish and one more – always be humble to learn,” Choi said.

Clovis was scheduled to walk Saturday at the college’s 108th commencement ceremony.

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