11-year-old boy in surgery after being bitten by dog on Lower East Side

A dog bit an 11-year-old boy in a Manhattan apartment Tuesday afternoon.

Just before 3 p.m., police received a report of a boy bitten by an American bulldog at an apartment building on the Lower East Side.

Joshua Rivera was bit several times in the face and arm.

Rivera was transported to a local hospital and is undergoing surgery. He is in stable condition and expected to survive his injuries.

The dog, named Aries, belongs to the boy’s family.

It took two people to pull the dog off of the boy.

“I just heard my nephew screaming,” said Rivera’s aunt and guardian. “I got bit myself trying to separate them.”

Rivera’s aunt was in the bathroom while Rivera was allegedly playing with the dog.

According to his aunt, both Rivera and his brother have ADHD and may have been too excited with the dog, prompting the attack.

“The dog started biting him, attacking him and jumping over him,” said the boy’s twin brother Julian Rivera. “I saw it, and I ran.”

Aries was barricaded inside the apartment until ESU officers transported the dog out of the building.

The dog was sedated and taken to the ASPCA. The dog’s condition is not yet known.

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