10 people hurt in mass shooting in Florida: Police

A mass shooting in a Florida city has left 10 people wounded, the Lakeland Police Department announced on Monday.

According to police, two victims are critically injured and eight face non-life-threatening injuries.

“One is in surgery and the other is either in surgery or headed to surgery,” Lakeland Police Chief Sam Taylor said at a press conference on Monday.

Police responded to calls of a shooting at a location near Iowa Avenue North and Plum Street at 3:43 p.m.

All the victims were adult men between 20 and 35 years old, according to Taylor.

Lakeland Police did not identify any suspects, but believe that four alleged shooters fired guns on both sides of the street from their vehicle, which Taylor described as a four-door Nissan.

Police believe the shooting wasn’t random and the victims were targeted.

We don’t believe there’s any reason that the public would need to be concerned right now,” Taylor said. “We think that the individuals in the car shot at and shot who they wanted to shoot.”

Authorities added that they located marijuana at the scene, hinting that marijuana was being sold at the time of the incident, but there is no information on whether the suspected sale of marijuana and the shooting are linked.

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