How to become a bone marrow donor: Celebrating Robin Roberts

On Tuesday, Robin Roberts celebrates 10 years since her return to Good Morning America after a life-saving bone marrow transplant.

Every three minutes, someone is diagnosed with blood cancer or blood disease, but a cure exists.

You could “be the match” that helps a patient get the life-saving marrow transplant they need.

HOW TO BECOME A BONE MARROW DONOR: Be The Match or text GMA to 61474.

Eyewitness News will be live at Hofstra University on Tuesday morning where students will be taking part in a nationwide bone marrow drive to celebrate Robin’s anniversary.

It was a decade ago that Robin faced a fierce battle for survival against myelodysplastic syndrome – MDS. News of the rare blood disorder that affects the bone marrow coming 5 years after beating breast cancer.

She received a life-saving bone marrow transplant from her dear sister Sally-Ann.

During an interview with Eyewitness News anchor Shirleen Allicot, Robin reflected on what the last 10 years has meant to her.

“You know, I haven’t really taken time because I’ve been so focused on the 10 years and showing the growth of the treatment and the people who have been impacted by our viewers responding to the call to be the match, that I really haven’t taken the time until this moment to think about me and what this moment means to me,” she said. “I am grateful that my mama taught me make your mess your message and that I have been able to find the meaning behind why this was placed in my path.

Now, the survivor turned thriver is working hard to make sure others get the same chance, continuing her advocacy to build the registry of donors for “Be the Match.”

“I was very, very blessed. That one of my three siblings SallyAnn was a match. It was a perfect match,” she said. “Now you leapfrog 10 years later, you don’t need a perfect match. Now back 10 years ago, you did. That’s the technology. That’s the growth that we’ve seen in these last 10 years. 20:18 But the registry is a literal life lived for countless people.”

About 70% of patients are still looking for their donor, and you could be the potential match to save someone’s life.

All it takes is a simple sign-up and a swab.

If you’re interested in joining the “Be the Match” registry follow the link and begin the registration process.

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