Hochul urges New Yorkers to get updated COVID vaccine as cases continue to rise

The CDC director says everyone six months and older should get the new COVID vaccine, and Governor Kathy Hochul repeated that recommendation as she held a COVID briefing for New York.

Health experts say there has been a recent uptick in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

The updated coronavirus vaccine is on the way to New York State, Hochul said Wednesday, just as coronavirus cases are ticking up.

“I know everyone wants to be done with COVID, But COVID is not done with us,” Hochul said. “Cases are up, statement of fact, cases are up.”

Hochul said the new shot “is literally a new vaccine, it is not a booster shot, it is not an enhancer.”

She said New Yorkers should not rely on the fact they had the vaccine in the past, because “it will not help you this time around.”

Hochul said however, she does not see mandates returning — including masking.

With school now underway, Hochul announced last week that the state will provide schools with rapid test kids and masks.

Experts are concerned about what they’re calling the triple threat this fall of coronavirus, flu, and RSV. That is why the CDC Is recommending everyone who is eligible get the vaccine as soon as possible.

“We all wish for COVID to be in the rearview mirror but unfortunately it’s still here. And what we know is that our immunity decreases over time. So even if you’ve had COVID before or been vaccinated, that immunity and that protection does decrease over time. Plus what we’re seeing is that this virus, the COVID virus continues to change,” said CDC Director Dr. Mandy Cohen.

Sandra Lindsay, a nurse at Northwell Health was the first American to get vaccinated in December of 2020. On Wednesday, she was also the first to get Pfizer’s new COVID vaccine.

“This is my sixth shot and I’ve never had COVID, so I continue to do what I need to do protect myself,” Lindsay said.

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