Pizza Hut creates 14,000-square-foot ‘Big New Yorker’ pie to break record for world’s largest pizza

Have you ever had a couple slices of pizza and still feel like you could eat more?

Well, Pizza Hut understands. They’re making a massive, cheesy pie in an attempt to break the record for world’s largest pizza.

“And we’re doing that to celebrate the return of the Big New Yorker, which is our largest pizza. So, we wanted to make the world’s largest pizza to celebrate it,” Pizza Hut’s President David Graves said.

The company is building, or making, their masterpiece at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

When it’s finished, the giant pizza will be about 14,000 square feet. They’re using more than 13,000 pounds of dough and nearly 5,000 pounds of sauce.

To make this pizza, the company is using rectangular slices of dough, with sauce, cheese and pepperoni added on top. Then, a cooking device will hover over the pizza to cook it.

It’s a giant pizza. It’s about 14,000 square feet. So, if you think about that, it’s going to be like 68,000 slices of pizza when we’re all done. And the great thing is none of it’s going to waste. We can actually donate it to some local food banks here in the Los Angeles community. So, we’re really excited about that,” Graves said.

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