Flight attendant saves couple’s honeymoon, flies across country to retrieve forgotten passport

A dream honeymoon was within reach for a newlywed couple, but a bump in the road had a flight attendant literally flying around the United States to secure their passport. They called it ‘Operation Honeymoon Passport.’

The Michigan newlyweds, Lawryn and Joe Fellwock, were ready for their first adventure as a married couple — their honeymoon.

The couple on their way to the airport.Instagram: JoeFellwock

They expected to fly from Detroit to San Juan, Puerto Rico and then set out on a Caribbean cruise, but things took slight turn and their entire trip was a click away from cancelation.

As the flight got ready for takeoff, Lawryn dropped some shocking news.

“My wife looks at me and said, ‘Oh, blank, I don’t have my passport. What do we do?’,” Joe said.

They did what any young individuals would do.

They documented the entire dilemma on Instagram as they tried to determine how exactly they were going to get Lawryn’s passport to Puerto Rico overnight before departing for the cruise.

“I would say about halfway through the flight we realized nothing we could come up with was going to work so I kinda just threw a Hail Mary,” Joe said.

The couple shared their drama with a complete stranger, the flight attendant.

The couple sharing their problem with flight attendant, Dusty Dills.Instagram: JoeFellwock

Dusty Dills, one of the flight attendants, came up with a perfect but long-shot plan to help the couple.

“Dusty told us, you know, this here’s what I can do, Joe. I’m flying back to Detroit right after this flight. I’m turning around. So if you can somehow get the passport to DTW around 9:00 or whatever it is I land, I can then take it with me the next day to Atlanta,” Joe said.

The couple, with nothing to lose at this point, agreed to the plan.

“We were going to have to cancel or change our honeymoon and it was all going to be my fault,” Lawryn said.

Joe immediately called his sister Jackie, and she rushed the passport to the airport and located Dusty. Dusty and a few other Delta employees got Lawryn’s passport to San Juan in perfect timing with about an hour and a half to spare.

The groom’s sister dropped off the forgotten passport at the airport.Instagram: JoeFellwock

“I consider that the greatest wedding gift we could have asked for,” Lawryn said. “I felt like probably the luckiest bride on Earth.”

Lawryn and Joe ended up having a blast on their honeymoon cruise and were excited for their wedding reception to follow a few weeks later. There they would get to reunite with some very special guests — Dusty and another Delta employee who helped in the mission.

“We have so many friends and family that have been following our story and are so excited to meet Dusty. So to just bring him and his fellow flight attendants into our community. I’m so excited. I hope we stay friends for much longer after this,” Lawryn said.

Teamwork really made the dream work.

“Having Dusty do all that for us really kind of instilled faith in me that there are still good people out there,” Joe said

Delta Air Lines posted about the journey on Facebook, commending Dusty’s and the team’s compassion in helping the couple.

“This was so much larger than me. During this whole process, it really taught me so much about the importance of teamwork,” Dusty said.

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