Fashion’s biggest night: What to expect from this year’s Met Gala

Worlds will collide Monday evening at the Met Gala on the Upper East Side for fashion’s biggest night.

Movie stars, models, billionaires, fashion designers, recording artists and even politicians will all hit the red carpet to raise money for charity – as much as $20 million or more.

Each Met Gala has a theme, and this year it’s in honor of the late Karl Lagerfeld – the prolific designer for Chanel and other brands.

The Met Gala has often favored the bold as well as the beautiful, but this year with the theme tied to Lagerfeld, expect some measure of restraint.

“This is basically a way for the Met to bring it back a little bit to what the Met used to be, it’s about fashion, it’s about celebrating legacy and history,” said WWD Style Director Alex Badia.

The gala raises money for the Costume Institute at the Met and throws a spotlight on a new exhibition at the museum.

The late Lagerfeld will be celebrated in “A Line of Beauty” with gala organizer Anna Wintour writing the event is a tribute to life itself and a celebration in its purest form.

Attendance at the event is only by her invitation and the cost of a ticket is much higher this year.

“Yeah, $50,000 for a single ticket, $300,000 for a table…that is not pocket change, let’s say,” Badia said.

Badia said he expects the guilt list to tilt toward tradition.

“They are also centering around old school celebrities,” he said.

“Nicole Kidman, you have Penelope Cruz, you have old school names attending.”

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a reality star. Last year, Kim Kardashian wore the same dress Marilyn Monroe had on when she famously sang “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy.

This year she paid a visit to Paris to pay with Lagerfeld’s beloved cat, Choupette.

“Choupette became synonymous with Karl Lagerfeld,” Badia said. “They were together everywhere.”

It adds up to a great excuse for the stars to really shine.

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